New Transformers: The Last Knight Clip Is Surprisingly Low Key


With its release date now moved up – only by two days, mind you – the promotional blitz for Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight is well underway. As the fifth entry into the series, it’s set to bring about a fresh start for Paramount’s effects-laden juggernaut, and in keeping with tradition, the director continues to tease that this is, in fact, his final outing at the helm of a Transformers movie.

Whether that turns out to be the case or not remains to be seen, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that The Last Knight will bring with it the expected dose of Bayhem – something this newly released promo more than assures us of. Admittedly, it starts off pretty low key, featuring a scene between Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins that’s shockingly devoid of any explosions or larger than life robots duking it out.

This being a Michael Bay film, however, the clip ends with a quick sizzle reel for The Last Knight, which brings us all the explosive, bombastic action you’d count on seeing from this particular franchise. There’s not really anything here in terms of plot details, but those final 20 seconds or so are certainly exciting, assaulting our senses with teases of tantalizing set pieces which will no doubt play out in epic fashion on IMAX screens around the world when the film releases next month.

“For my world to live, yours must die.” On June 21st, Transformers: The Last Knight will launch into theaters and herald something of a fresh start for Paramount’s treasured live-action tentpole, though whether Michael Bay has a role to play in that future continues to be a point of contention. That largely comes down to the director himself, who vacillates between walking away from the series and circling back to helm one last film. Could Bay be appointed at the helm of a Transformers spinoff, for instance? Time will tell.