Transformers: The Last Knight To Be Released Two Days Earlier Than Planned


After four films of watching angry metal men tear each other’s faces off while everything conceivable explodes around them, it’s safe to say that we know what to expect from Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, however, it seems those expectations will be confirmed sooner than expected, as Paramount has brought forward its release date by two days. Originally slated to release June 23rd, it will now see cinemas on June 21st.

Michael Bay, whose appetite for robotic destruction cannot be satiated, promises that The Last Knight is really going to shake up the Transformers franchise. The primary reason for this is that trailers show Optimus Prime having gone bad, or so it appears, depicting scenes in which he’s seen battling his Autobot buddies.

Of course, audiences who’ve really been paying attention to the previous films will have noted there’s something ‘off’ about Optimus in the Bay series. Whether he’s casually executing his opponents, enslaving the Dinobots or ripping countless robot’s faces off (“Give ME your face!“), he’s not exactly the paternal presence most expect from the character. Plus, y’know, the last we saw him he flew off into space vowing to kill God. So there’s that, too.

To further spice things up a little, Bay has tossed Nazis into the mix (causing a minor controversy when he draped swastikas over Winston Churchill’s childhood during the shoot) and, apparently, King Arthur. Whatever actually happens in The Last Knight, on paper it sounds like a deeply surreal experience, one that we’ll get a chance to dive into ever so slightly earlier now.

Transformers: The Last Knight smashes into cinemas on June 21st.