Two New Transformers Movies In Development, Including A Reboot


Something pretty interesting is going on with the Transformers property right now. After 2017’s The Last Knight failed to impress with critics and at the box office, Bumblebee brought us an alternative take on the franchise that was received way better by those who’d grown tired of Michael Bay’s overblown spectacles.

As such, the idea of new Transformers movies isn’t such a scary one anymore, as most people are now excited to see where the series goes next. And while it’s still unclear exactly what Paramount has in store for us, it looks like they’re hoping to give the franchise a pretty big revamp, with Variety bringing word tonight that two new films are in development.

Details are still hazy, but one is said to be some sort of spinoff set in the Bumblebee universe, while the other one will be a full-on reboot. And though this is definitely exciting news, it shouldn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. After all, We Got This Covered was the first outlet to report that Transformers was being rebooted back in December, and now, Variety has confirmed our original scoop.

At the time, we were told by our sources that the reboot will be set in the 1980s, with Megatron as the main villain. And while Variety doesn’t mention anything about that, we’ve been told that this is still the plan, with the movie set to “focus on the Transformers in the 80s after Bumblebee and reboot the series from there.”

And as for this second project, the one set in the Bumblebee universe, it’s still unclear what exactly that is and again, Variety notes in their report that “details behind both scripts are still vague.” That being said, it’s clear that Paramount is hoping to steer in the opposite direction of what Bay did with the property and at this point, that’s certainly a good thing.

Tell us, though, are you interested in seeing two more Transformers movies? Or have you had enough of the franchise already? Sound off in the usual place down below and let us know.

Source: Variety