Travolta To Be Joined By Wife And Daughter For Gotti: Three Generations

With director Barry Levinson taking the helm after the departure of Nick Cassavetes, it seems as though Gotti: Three Generations is going full steam ahead by adding two new members to its cast.

Already headed by John Travolta, Variety is reporting that his wife, Kelly Preston, and daughter, Ella Bleu, who will play none other than the wife and young daughter of John Gotti Sr, will be joining him in a cast that is rounded out by Joe Pesci and Lindsay Lohan.

Personally, I really like mobster movies, but I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the way things are shaping up here. Travolta, Preston and Pesci are all wonderful actors, but the casting of Lohan still throws me off… although, it seems to be the main focus of the buzz that the film is already getting. Smart publicity stunt or just destined to be a bad movie? What do you all think of the casting?