Joe Pesci Cast In Gotti: Three Generations

Goodfellas and Casino alumni Joe Pesci has, according to reports from a press conference coming to us via The Playlist, landed role in the upcoming biopic on mafia crime lord John Gotti Sr. The film is titled Gotti: Three Generations and has John Travolta in the role as the patriarchal head of the family. Also, reports from the site say that Lindsay Lohan is also interested in a role.

The film will take a look at the Gotti crime family from the perspective of John Gotti Jr. Pesci is lined up to Angelo Ruggiero, a high-ranking member of the Gambino crime family and close friend of Gotti, who eventually ended up falling out despite there always being a strained relationship there already. If the plans work out Lohan will apparently play Gotti’s daughter Victoria. The film is set to be directed by Nick Cassavetes and is still in casting, with no news of a start date yet.