Tremors 7 Is In The Works, And It May Release In 2019


Whenever the subject of Tremors comes up, it’s hard not to reflect on the cult favorite series and all it’s accomplished. I mean, the franchise really has come a long way from the original picture that starred Kevin Bacon back in 1990. What started as a flick that toed the line between horror and comedy has now given way to five sequels, a TV series and even had its influence felt in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica when a familiar looking “Gulp Worm” showed up to confound the Redfield siblings.

Of course, one thing that’s kept the enduring saga fresh has been that of the ever-evolving Graboids. Really, even though it’s been years since I’ve seen the third movie in the series, I won’t soon forget those Ass Blasters. Sounding more like the title of an adult film, these formidable monsters actually took flight by, well, shooting fire out of their asses.

Well, get ready for yet another mutation because Tremors 7 is most definitely on the way. Yes, we’d head rumblings of such a thing earlier this year, but stalwart actor Michael Gross gave us something tangible by dropping the following bombshell on Facebook today:

“Tremors fans will be delighted to know I have just agreed to the terms of a contract for a SEVENTH film. My best estimate is that Burt Gummer will begin his hunt for Graboids and other nefarious forms of wildlife in the fall of 2019.”

To fans of the franchise, this must come as welcome news. Though the most recent flick is still fresh in everybody’s memory, there’d been the disappointment that came along with a new TV series starring Kevin Bacon getting the ax before it even made it to the small screen. In that, he would’ve reprised his role from the original film, something we imagine had the potential to turn a lot of heads.

All “what ifs” aside, it’s nice hearing that Tremors 7 could see the light of day in less than a year. And as always, you’re encouraged to keep watching this space as more information becomes available.