Watch: Donald Trump Parodies Star Wars In Bizarre New Video


In a new official campaign video, Grand Master Yoda from the Star Wars universe turns into President Trump as he strikes down “fake news” media and faces his democratic contenders.

The coronavirus pandemic may have essentially brought the world to a halt, but the race for the 2020 presidential election is still one of the priorities of politicians and their affiliated parties. Even through news outlets, updates on the outbreak sometimes take second place. After all, you can shut down businesses and postpone movies and TV shows, but you can’t quite delay a presidential election.

As such, the team behind Trump’s social media campaign has taken the opportunity to join in on the celebration of that galaxy far, far away on May 4th, the annual Star Wars Day, by posting a video from Revenge of the Sith where Yoda kills the Clone Troopers after the execution of Order 66. Only in this rendition, Trump’s portrait takes over Yoda’s head and the soldiers represent CNN and MSNBC, two news networks that the president has targeted time and again for their “fake news” agenda. And guess who’s playing the evil Emperor Palpatine?

You can check out the newly uploaded clip below:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Twitter account has used clips from popular movies to promote Trump’s campaign. In fact, most recently, the president also turned into the MCU’s Mad Titan, Thanos. Though seeing as how the scene belonged to Avengers: Endgame and showed a hoodwinked Thanos, about to be defeated by Tony Stark aka Iron Man, we’re still not exactly sure what it is trying to imply.

What’s more interesting is the pattern of violence in these clips. After “snapping” House Representative Nancy Pelosi away, Trump’s Yoda brutally beheads two of his most avid criticizers. Disney has yet to respond to this, but let’s just hope that it remains the extent to which Star Wars gets dragged into the policies of the election.