Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 2 Finally Enters Development!


As a horror fan, I find that movies blending humor with scares and gore always incite a bit of a cringe, but when done properly, horror comedies are a hell of a good time. There’s a reason why my favorite subgenre of horror happens to be its comedic offshoot, just like there’s a reason why Tucker And Dale Vs Evil is one of the funniest horror comedies to be released in the last few years. A sequel was immediately teased, rumors ran rampant, and I even tried to put the squeeze on Tyler Labine when I interviewed him for Best Man Down, but all was quiet surrounding our misunderstood yokels – until now.

Speaking this past week at Horrorhound in Cincinnati, Alan Tudyk and Labine finally confirmed that Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 has entered development. While there was skepticism over whether or not a sequel would ever come to fruition, the two lead actors recently received an email from producers stating the following:

We have an outline, we’re honing in on who we want to write it, we really want to make another one.

The fact that this information is coming straight from producers is a good thing, because they’re the ones with the money. A director can always be hired later, and when producers are involved from the get-go, nothing has to be sold on the back end. Consider this a formal invitation for horror fans to get excited, because Tucker and Dale deserve their mainstream due after only being granted festival fame and home-release success previously.

Tudyk and Labine are very protective of their lovable characters, who just happen to get caught in a series of unfortunate events that makes them look like backwoods serial killers, and I fully trust the Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 2 will be every bit as gory, entertaining, and gut-busting hilarious as the original. We don’t exactly know where Tucker and Dale are headed next, but Labine told me in our interview that the script was always so close to being cracked, and then the tiniest detail would foil it. Looks like the magic formula was finally found!

It may not be the joke title Tucker And Dale Go To Yale, as I’d LOVE to see these two witnessing students accidentally murdering themselves, but you can bet I’ve been waiting for this news ever since the last bloody minute of their first horrific scenario. I’m assuming my horror fan readers are in the same boat, right?!

Source: /Film