Twilight Fans Are Freaking Out Over New Sequel Midnight Sun

Image via Summit Entertainment

This morning brought some major news for Twihards, reawakening the fandom from its long slumber. For the first time since 2008, author Stephenie Meyer is releasing a new novel in the Twilight saga. Titled Midnight Sun, the book will be a retelling of the original Twilight from the point of view of brooding vampire Edward Cullen instead of his teenage love interest Bella Swan.

With the franchise dormant for so long, it’s not news that many were expecting, so social media is going crazy with those who grew up reading the books and watching the movies reveling in the return of saga – 12 years after it originally ended.

The perfect time for this Paul Rudd meme.

Wake up, Twihard community!

Rise and shine.

Of course, just ’cause there’s a new novel out, don’t expect the original cast to get together to make a movie based off it. Robert “The Batman” Pattinson has famously put Twilight well and truly behind him, after all.

Get ready for 672 pages of vampire romance goodness, fans! And that might be exactly what some people need to get them through 2020.


As long-time readers may know, Meyer initially intended to publish Midnight Sun back in 2008, along with the fourth book Breaking Dawn. However, the manuscript leaked online early, causing the author to pull it from schedules indefinitely. After 12 years of praying it would eventually be released, here it is. What’s more, it’s due out as soon as August 4th – that’s just three months away!

Of course, this news follows on from Suzanne Collins’ upcoming The Hunger Games follow-up novel, a prequel titled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which focuses on a young President Snow. That’s coming out later this month. A film adaptation is definitely in the works for that, too, so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to assume that we could be in for a Twilight reboot based on Midnight Sun in a few years as well.