Twitter is still squabbling over whether ‘Eternals’ is a good MCU movie

Image via Marvel

It came out last November, but Twitter is still squabbling over whether Eternals can be considered a good MCU movie or not. More so than any other entry in the Marvel Studios franchise, which generally receives warm reviews every time, Eternals caused a huge division among fans as some loved director Chloe Zhao’s epic superhero ensemble film while others blasted it as overlong and uninvolving.

And people feel strongly on both sides of the argument, as made clear by the latest example of the eternal Eternals debate flaring up on Twitter. User @Da44zzn kicked the hornet’s nest again by claiming that Keoghan’s cameo in The Batman meant he “went from being in one of the worst superhero movie’s [sic] of all time to one of the best.” Keoghan, of course, played Druig in the Marvel flick.

While the OP’s tweet received thousands of likes, proving that a lot of folks agreed with them, thousands more replied to and quote-tweeted the controversial statement by jumping to Eternals’ defense.

To some people, Eternals was the best MCU movie of 2021 (apart from Spider-Man: No Way Home, obviously).

Others turned the discussion into an ad for the film. Hey, all publicity’s good publicity.

Shots have been fired.

On the other hand, some continued the roasting of Eternals by blasting it as the most boring film ever made.

And yet different folks thought The Batman was the much more tedious experience.

Whatever side of the divide you’re on, though, everyone can agree that Keoghan was one of the best things about Eternals.

It looks like the internet is never going to reach an agreed consensus on Eternals, then, much like other divisive blockbusters of recent years. e.g. The Last Jedi. But, whether you prefer Eternals or The Batman, by appearing in two of the biggest movies of the past 12 months, the real winner here is clearly Barry Keoghan.