Twitter Reacts To Halloween’s Chilling Second Trailer


Evil is real.

Those three words uttered by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) eloquently sum up Halloween‘s chilling second trailer, in which the boogeyman himself, Michael Myers, manages to escape confinement after 40 years spent behind bars.

His first port of call? To resume that twisted killing spree from 1978. But not all of Haddonfield’s residents are concerned by the resurgent Michael Myers; as a matter of fact, during one of the trailer’s quieter moments, Laurie’s eldest daughter Karen (Judy Greer) advises her mother to seek help for obsessing over an elusive ghost from yesteryear.

And yet, Laurie Strode remains resolute in her commitment to killing the Shape once and for all, and while a number of horror fans feared that Halloween would ruin their childhoods, the overriding consensus appears to be that the David Gordon Green-directed pic is among the most-anticipated movies of 2018. And for good reason, after today’s incredible second trailer, which certainly got people talking.

Via Twitter:

The opening shot of Myers on Halloween night, hiding in plain sight, is enough to send a shiver down our spine. In fact, the way in which David Gordon Green has employed a single take of The Shape walking into a driveway is bloody marvelous, as it’s an effective reminder that this masked killer is really a force to be reckoned with.

And while it may seem Green and his team have crafted their own unique take on the Halloween lore, eagle-eyed users have spotted a subtle callback to Halloween II, which ought to allay fears that next month’s horror movie will exist in a vacuum.

Halloween is set to unleash Michael Myers upon the moviegoing masses on October 19th.