Twitter users dunk on new ‘Uncharted’ posters for looking so Photoshopped


Video game fans are getting a brand new look at the forthcoming movie adaptation for the beloved action-adventure franchise, Uncharted, but some aren’t so convinced the Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg-starring film is moving in the right direction based on the heavily edited-looking pair of posters.

One image prominently featured Holland’s Nathan Drake (originally shared on the actor’s Instagram Wednesday), and another spotlighted Wahlberg’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan, which were both shared Thursday on Twitter via DiscussingFilm.

People were quick to roast the images for their overly digitally manipulated appearance, with one social media user saying they looked like they were made from someone’s smartphone.

Other Twitter users hypothesized a not-so-skilled user of Adobe products was perhaps behind the promotional images.

Particular attention went to the appearance of Wahlberg in his poster, not least of all for his head looking like a human’s sewn onto a polygonal video game character’s body.

Another Twitter user remarked how they thought Wahlberg looked more like Nathan Drake than Holland, despite Marky-Mark’s uncanny dome.

To make Wahlberg look more like the Sully character on which he is based — an older mentor figure in the video game — a fan of the franchise proclaimed they “Fixed it” by adding a mustache to the actor, aligning more closely to his look in the games.

These new posters aren’t necessarily a guarantee the film will be trash, although it will have to overcome an incredibly terrible track record for video game movie adaptations in general.

Some of the trailers for the Uncharted film, as well as a recently surfaced clip, seem to tease a lot of swashbuckling, parkour-heavy fun that would not be out of place in the games (in fact, some scenes are a direct homage). And since the film is technically a prequel to the first video game, an origin story for Nathan becoming the renowned treasure hunter we know him as today, it may be forgivable for the more youthful casting choices of both Holland and Wahlberg, compared to the games.

Even Nolan North, the original voice actor of Nathan in the games, has expressed support for the movie on Twitter.

We’ll all collectively find out together whether the film will follow in the footsteps of Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu — by actually being a good video game movie — when Uncharted hits theaters Feb. 18.

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