Twitter’s Going Crazy For Fluffy Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Fluffy! Fluffy. Fluffy? Fluffy.

I wanted to write the entire 300-word piece with that single word, but I’ve been informed that won’t be permissible. It’s the ambition that counts though, right?

Fluffy is the key term here for one reason. When Paramount debuted their newest trailer for the new-improved Sonic the Hedgehog movie (improved, as in not disturbing), fans caught a glimpse of a hitherto unseen Sonic form, and duly proceeded to lose their collective minds. Yes, I’m talking about Fluffy Sonic.

First, here’s the image itself. @TailsChannel has kindly screen-grabbed the relevant fluff on the bottom right:

Go on then, here’s the reactions. Yes, this is my enthusiastic voice. I’m positively enthused. Honest.

@AfterLi51707799 decrees Fluffy Sonic and Fluffy, er, Representative? to be mutually indistinguishable:

Here’s @sleepsonicfan’s, shall we say, observation:

I have nothing to add to his remark.

But I can get behind anything with religious symbolism. Here’s a photo of Sonic and God hanging out (thanks for blessing the day @Meleemario720):

Finally, let’s bring things full circle with Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler’s fluffy thoughts on the matter. Namely, that he and the production team were thinking the exact same thing as @AfterLi51707799:

Aaaaaand, we made it. Mission accomplished. I’m fluffed out. If you have any fluff of your own, you’re welcome to keep it to yourself. That’s too coarse? Ok, sorry. I’m informed that all commenters are in fact welcome to bring all the fluff they want. Let’s make a deal, though.

Leave any Baby Yodas, Baby Jabbas, Babu Friks, Despicable Minions, Porgs, and all related ball-eyed promotional paraphernalia where you found it. Let’s just keep a modicum of self-respect. Sonic the (Fluffy) Hedgehog is quite enough for one day.