The Mandalorian Fans Can Now Own Baby Yoda As A Car Sticker

Baby Yoda

Bounty hunters have a code. Our titular Mandalorian in the show, named after the warmongering race, no longer mongers war. He instead cares for The Child, aka Baby Yoda, aka Internet Sensation Baby Yoda aka I Want A Baby Yoda Toy.

However, Disney, not anticipating that a cute animatronic creature would somehow generate interest in merch/huge sales of said merch, dropped the ball on putting out anything worthwhile. However, they are giving us normies a pittance: Baby Yoda On Board car stickers!

Yep! In lieu of high-quality, cute fluffs to cuddle with or give to your cats as toys or potential lovers, one of the very first pieces of merch to actually be physically available are these newly-debuted car accessories. We have to wait until April and May for the Funko Pops (I hate Funk Pops, such a waste) and plushies, but for these gosh dang pod stickers, we only have to wait until January. Woo!

Buckle up, buttercup, because your Honda is getting decked out and turned into a Hondalorian! Sorry, I have no idea what I’m saying anymore.

Listen, I know Disney is working on more merchandise and whatnot, but it just honestly, sincerely, absolutely blows my mind that the Mouse House, one of the most money-oriented entities on this planet, didn’t think to have a ton of merch ready for the holiday season. Capitalism didn’t win, for once, but I feel like I’m losing.

I’m quickly becoming an old crone, with only so much affection to give before I soon wither into a dried-up husk full of resentment and regret, like all good mothers do. Please, Disney, get off your butts and shove out more Mandalorian merch! I want to be immersed in Baby Yodadom, and so does the rest of the internet.

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