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First Images Of The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Funko POP! Have Leaked

Baby Yoda – or The Child – now has its official Funko POP! range as The Mandalorian's fuzzy little critter continues to take the galaxy by storm.

Baby Yoda

Calling all Star Wars fans: Baby Yoda – or The Child – now has an official Funko POP! range as The Mandalorian‘s wide-eyed little critter continues to take the galaxy by storm.

Embedded below, the two images depict a regular Baby Yoda ($8.99) and the 10″ super-sized model ($29.99), which also features the little Force user sporting a smile (perhaps he finally got control of the music settings onboard The Mandalorian‘s ship).

There’s currently no mention of a release date – Funko’s recent Twitter post simply contained a GIF of Baby Yoda sipping on his drink. The very same GIF that has already spawned a thousand memes. And yes, this is sure to be the beginning of a Star Wars merch drop, as the Powers That Be at Lucasfilm and Disney rush to cash-in on The Mandalorian‘s adorable, bug-eyed companion.

See for yourself:

It’s certainly an improvement on the horrible (and frankly uninspired) merch that was rushed to market soon after The Mandalorian‘s premiere; we’re just not quite sure if this latest addition to the Baby Yoda merch will be ready in time for Christmas.

Be that as it may, credit must go to Jon Favreau and his team for wanting to keep Baby Yoda under wraps for as long as possible, rather than parade the 50-year-old fuzzball around like a shameless cash-grab. Hell, if online rumors are to be believed, Lucasfilm is positioning The Mandalorian‘s breakout star to become Yoda for a new generation, so there are clearly plans in place for well beyond 2019.

The Mandalorian continues on Disney+ this Friday with the as-yet-untitled Chapter 5. Plot details are scarce, but we can at least tell you that this week’s installment was directed by none other than Dave Filoni – the very same Star Wars veteran responsible for November’s really rather brilliant pilot episode.

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