The Internet’s Freaking Out Over National Treasure 3 Happening

National Treasure
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

This is not a drill. I leave my desk for one afternoon and there it is: National Treasure 3 is in development, for real. Sequestered within an article about Bad Boys 4, The Hollywood Reporter relayed the news that Chris Bremner, one of that film’s writers, is also attached to pen National Treasure’s third installment. Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as We Got This Covered told you months ago that the movie was in development, but it’s certainly exciting to hear.

After all, many a rumour has sifted through various outlets and many a dashed hope through internet message boards ever since the last outing in the franchise released more than 12 years ago. But now, for the first time, those message boards have had their faith repaid, and here are some of the Twittersphere’s more exulted reactions.

@DoDaFoo makes the bold claim that National Treasure 3 represents the best film news of the year.

It’s good, but there’s a long way to go.

Dialing back from a judgement of the entire year, @BreidyTV salutes the disclosure with the modest joy of a single day.

Good to see you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t celebrate by doing what Nicholas Cage says he’ll do in that gif. Your day might get significantly worse.

@Whos_Nick doubles down on the previous tweet with another of Cage’s more outlandish National Treasure quotes.

I’m not 100% sure what penalty stealing the Declaration of Independence would incur, but I’m 100% sure what penalty kidnapping the President would incur. Even if it is that President. For requisite advice, see above.

Meanwhile, @Alexayyyyyy continues the gif theme with the most emotional response of the bunch.

Is that even possible? Would that be a crime? Definitely do not leave your answers to those rhetorical questions in the comments.

Here are a few more just for good measure, as well:

National Treasure

When’s National Treasure 3 coming out and who will it star, nobody knows yet. Nobody except Disney. But it is in the production queue and if people are this buzzed about the prospect of its existence, then they might just explode when it actually comes out.