Two divisive DCU films lead a debate for the ages — which of them is the ultimate worst?

Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros.

The DCU, so far, has had its glowing moments with titles like Aquaman, The Batman, and Joker. But mostly, it has been facing a dead end in making sure its servings don’t end up being so divisive, or as in the cases of Black Adam and Wonder Woman 1984, receive downright biting reviews. Apparently, the DCU fandom still can’t decide which overly hyped and majorly disappointing film of the two deserves the title of the worst entry in the cinematic universe that is still trying to find its feet. 

The debate is currently raging on Reddit, where a DCU stan has taken the liberty of sharing movie posters of Black Adam and Wonder Woman 2 while asking fellow fans to shed some light on which superhero adaptation sucked the most. The comments that followed were enlightening, to say the least. 

While WW 1984 would have managed to earn the title of being a poor film all by itself because of its weak plot, it disappointed fans a lot more thanks to the standards set by the first movie. It failed to even come close to everyone’s high expectations and, evidently, being let down by the sequel still stings. 

Although many had an issue with how the very-much-dead love of Diana’s life returned (i.e., Steve being “reincarnated” by possessing a non-suspecting stranger), not everyone was bothered by it. But the way the film ended seems to be the one thing uniting its haters. 

For some, it sparked memories of the past when Sony Pictures was trying and failing to bring the friendly neighborhood Spider-man to life. 

Warner Bros. may have deemed Black Adam enough of a failure to not greenlight Dwayne Johnson’s lofty plans for the anti-hero, but apparently, it reserves its status of being a better film than WW 1984.

The final verdict clearly isn’t in Patty Jenkins’ favor. Would she have rectified her error with Wonder Woman 3? Alas, this is something we will never know as the future of the Amazonian warrior has been all but scraped thanks to all the new regime changes the DCU has been undergoing.