Two More Indiana Jones Movies May Be On The Way


When last we heard of the Indiana Jones franchise, it had been bought up by Disney and producer Frank Marshall was dropping hints that something new might be in the works. The obligatory refrigerator jokes were made, there was some wild speculating, and then we all pretty much went about our daily lives as if there were more important things than whether or not Harrison Ford would once again be crackin’ whips and outrunnin’ boulders.

Now we can resume the speculating where we left off, thanks to a Canadian movie blog, surely the most reliable source of Hollywood insider information. MarketSaw has reported that their “top Star Wars source” told them the following:

“Regarding Harrison Ford, two more Indiana Jones features are in the negotiation stages as per Ford’s contract clause on Star Wars, which is the primary reason he didn’t ‘publicly’ or ‘privately’ commit, or so I’m told.”

We’ve previously heard Harrison Ford weigh in with his desire to return to one of his most iconic movie roles. Did he use his bargaining clout as the universe’s preeminent Han Solo to make it happen? Maybe. Rumors of a fifth film in the franchise go as far back as 2011, though, when Ford’s Crystal Skull co-star Shia LaBeouf told MTV News he was pretty sure another Indy sequel was on its way. Remember those halcyon days, when people only hated LaBeouf for his role in the worst Indiana Jones movie ever made, and not for plagiarism and tiresome, attention-grabbing antics? That was surely a more innocent time for us all.

What do you think? Will we ever see the return of Indiana Jones?

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