‘Uncharted’ defeats ‘Death on the Nile’ to top the international box office


Even the staunchest supporters of the video game series are starting to grow a little worried about Uncharted, even though the blockbuster adventure doesn’t hit screens in the United States until next Friday.

For one thing, the movie is still under a review embargo for all domestic-based publications, even though it’s playing internationally and reviews have been rolling in from various other corners of the globe. So far, Ruben Fleischer’s globetrotting spectacular has amassed a decidedly average Rotten Tomatoes score of 48%, which sounds about right for the genre.

However, Uncharted has already managed an impressive feat that Nathan Drake would be proud of, having opened at the top of the box office outside of the U.S. While a $21 million haul doesn’t sound like the sort of thing Sony would shout from the rooftops, Tom Holland’s latest effort only debuted in fifteen markets.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Branagh’s mystery sequel Death on the Nile opened in over three times as many territories, but could only rustle up $20.7 million from 47 markets. Looking at the percentages, then, Uncharted could be on track to turn a profit and potentially even spawn a sequel, depending on how audiences react when the film hits home shores in five days.