‘Uncharted’ easily scores the biggest opening weekend of 2022


Based on the lack of any real competition, there was no other outcome besides Uncharted handily topping the box office this weekend, but that doesn’t mean the latest blockbuster video game adaptation didn’t have plenty of questions to answer.

Reviews have been middling to put it lightly, although the PlayStation favorite being brought to the big screen has at least proven a lot more popular with audiences than critics. The Spider-Man: No Way Home effect also had Sony hoping that fans would check Uncharted out for no other reason than catching Tom Holland’s latest starring turn, and the public has repaid that faith in kind.

Initially tracking for a four-day debut in the $30-35 million range, Uncharted is now expected to end up at the very highest end of projections with a $52 million haul, blowing the $30 million accrued by Scream clean out of the water to land the biggest opening of 2022 by a huge distance.

Of course, Uncharted will only be holding onto the crown for two weeks unless something goes spectacularly wrong when The Batman arrives at long last, but the cast, crew, creative team, and studio will be thrilled that Holland’s first of what could be many outings as Nathan Drake has exploded out of the blocks.