‘Uncharted’ has already outgrossed ‘Jungle Cruise’ and ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

Uncharted - Tom Holland
Photo via Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

After years stuck in development hell and then facing multiple COVID-related delays, Uncharted seemed destined to become a huge flop. And yet, while you wouldn’t quite say it’s reaching uncharted heights of success, Sony’s video game adaptation is proving to be a pretty big hit with audiences. The lack of critical praise hasn’t stopped cinemagoers lapping up the action/adventure, with the movie already outgrossing a couple of other notable would-be blockbusters from the past few months.

After opening in U.S. theaters two weeks ago, Uncharted has earned more than $226 million globally, with this figure factoring in the $23 million that came in this weekend, which saw Uncharted hold on to the top spot at the worldwide box office. This means that the film has already brought home more than more Dwayne Johnson vehicle Jungle Cruise and legacy sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which grossed $220 million and $197 million respectively across their entire runs.

Of course, Jungle Cruise and Afterlife both had the misfortune of coming out at a time before Spider-Man: No Way Home, which basically singlehandedly reignited the cinema industry and got box office numbers hiking upwards again. That Marvel threequel obviously starred Tom Holland, much like Uncharted, in which the British star portrays treasure seeker Nathan Drake. Thanks to the strong performances of these two productions, Holland has been seen in the number one movie in the world for eight out of the past 11 weekends.

It’s no wonder that Sony is so pleased with Uncharted and is already calling it their next hit movie franchise, indicating that Holland and co-star Mark Wahlberg, who plays Drake’s right-hand man Sully, will be back for at least a sequel or two. While purists might sniff at its many changes from the original games from Naughty Dog, Uncharted is charting itself a course way beyond both The Rock and the Ghostbusters.

Uncharted can be seen in cinemas now.