An Underrated Mark Wahlberg Movie Hits Netflix This Week

Mile 22

November will bring about a brand new month, and that means that we’re losing a bunch of content on Netflix and gaining some fresh stuff in return. You can rest easy knowing that you’re all set for a ton of great new movies and shows throughout the coming weeks, and the 1st, in particular, will be adding quite a collection, including heavy hitters like the ensemble heist flick Ocean’s Eleven, Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man, children’s classic The Indian in the Cupboard and the Keanu Reeves thriller Knock Knock.

And although all of those films – and plenty others set to arrive on the 1st – are worth adding to your list right away, there’s an underrated action pic that you might want to check out, too. Of course, that goes double if you’re a fan of Mark Wahlberg.

Mile 22

Mile 22 is available to dive into beginning November 1st and this espionage thriller follows a CIA task force who need to escort a high priority target to an extraction point 22 miles away – all while they’re being pursued by the government. Wahlberg is joined by other big names like The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan, prolific actor John Malkovich and respected martial artist Iko Uwais. There’s even a cameo from the film’s director, Peter Berg.

Unfortunately, Mile 22 was largely panned by critics and sits at a meagre 23% on Rotten Tomatoes. Criticisms were levied at the cinematography, unappealing editing and lack of nuance. All of this led to most reviewers claiming it was a confusing mess that was too difficult to follow and too disjointed to even bother trying. Still, if you’re just looking for a fun evening full of popcorn, explosive action and Mark Wahlberg, you may want to give Mile 22 a casual watch. Don’t go in expecting very much, but it’s a totally harmless ride that offers up some solid action sequences that’ll no doubt keep you entertained throughout.