A Very Underrated Robert Downey Jr. Movie’s Coming To Netflix Next Month


Before landing the monumental role of Tony Stark/Iron Man within the MCU, Robert Downey Jr.‘s career was stuck in a downward spiral. The actor’s reputation tainted by substance abuse, he eventually escaped his addictions and in doing so, solidified himself as one of America’s quintessential modern stars.

Though mostly known as Iron Man, RDJ has delivered strong performances in various other movies, too. These include the mystery thriller series Sherlock Holmes as well as the enjoyable personal drama The Judge. However, one of the actor’s most underrated films to date may just be Due Date, and it’s coming to Netflix next month.

First released in 2010, Due Date stars RDJ alongside Zach Galifianakis and Michelle Monaghan. Directed by Joker maestro Todd Phillips, it follows a soon-to-be dad who’s forced to embark on a road trip with an aspiring actor in order to make it on time for the birth of his own child while learning a thing or two about himself along the way.

Due Date

The film’s conceit, as should be apparent already, does not resemble Joker so much as another of Phillips’ movies, namely The Hangover. Hailed as one of the best comedies of recent times, that picture sees a group of guys team up with an unhinged outsider (played, of course, by Galifianakis) to find their lost friend in time for his own wedding.

Just as Phillips has a knack for making comedies centered around a ticking clock mechanic, so too does Robert Downey Jr. have a talent for playing the straight man thrown into a sticky situation while having to make do with outrageous personalities. And while Due Date didn’t go over too well with critics, it still delivers a ton of laughs and sees both RDJ and Galifianakis deliver strong performances as they have great chemistry with one another. As such, you’d be wise to check it out when it hits Netflix on September 1st.