An Unexpected Horror Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Dark Skies

In case you haven’t noticed, Netflix has this little feature which allows you to see which shows and films are most popular with audiences. Updated every day, these top ten lists (one for movies, one for shows and one for both) give subscribers an overview of what various countries are watching. Of course, Netflix knew this information from the very beginning and it was precisely this informational edge that helped the streamer triumph over its competitors.

Usually, the lists are comprised of some pretty unsurprising entries. Recent toppers, for instance, include the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, whose arrival on Netflix took the world by storm, as well as hit shows like Money Heist and 13 Reasons Why and popular films like Despicable Me and 365 Dni. Today, however, these standard entries are joined by a pretty unusual one, as rounding off the Top 10 movies list at the bottom spot in #10 is a little-known horror pic from 2013 titled Dark Skies.

Written and directed by Scott Stewart, it stars Keri Russell alongside Jake Brennan and Josh Hamilton. Its story – in all respects, textbook stuff when it comes to horror – follows your typical American family whose idyllic suburban life gets disrupted when a mysterious, deadly and possibly otherworldly force comes to haunt them.

Dark Skies

Sporting a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it may neither be particularly well-crafted nor exceptionally original, but it should get the job done. That is, to say, it’ll scare you. And as the 10th most popular movie on Netflix right now, it seems viewers are really digging it.

Should you want more out of a horror film than screams, though, there are a few other, more artistically appealing flicks hidden inside the streamer’s catalog that may be of interest of you. These include David Fincher’s Zodiac as well as The CarThe Boy and Cape Fear. 

But tell us, which scary horror films (besides Dark Skies) have you been watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments section down below.