Untitled Alexander McQueen Biopic Casts Jack O’Connell



Continuing on his rise to the big leagues, English actor Jack O’Connell has agreed to terms to headline Pathé’s untitled Alexander McQueen project, one which will be directed by Andrew Haigh.

A biopic based on the life and legacy of the legendary fashion designer has been kicking around for some time, and today’s casting of O’Connell stands as one giant, exciting step forward. Coming hot off 45 Years, Haigh will direct from a script penned by acclaimed playwright Chris Urch (The Rolling Stone). Andrew Wilson’s biography Blood Beneath the Skin is said to be the main jumping-off point, chronicling McQueen’s rise to prominence through London’s fashion scene.

Born in 69, Alexander McQueen began life as a working class son of a Scottish taxi driver in Lewisham, London. Having worked as chief designer at fashion house Givenchy, the visionary is perhaps best known for founding his own Alexander McQueen label. McQueen later committed suicide in 2010 at 40 years young.

Production on Pathé’s as-yet-untitled Alexander McQueen biopic will get going early next year. Following Money Monster, O’Connell also holds roles in both HHhH and period drama Tulip Fever. Below, you’ll find the official statement from the studio regarding Haigh’s project:

“In 2009, Alexander McQueen put on one of his greatest shows — a stunningly beautiful re-working of his greatest designs from the past 15 years,” according to a statement from Pathe. “It was a show that he dedicated to his mother and one in which he tried to make sense of his life and art. The film explores McQueen’s creative process in the months leading up to the show, providing an intimate portrait of the man behind the global brand — a moving celebration of a visionary genius whose designs transcended fashion to become art.”

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