God Of War Movie May Be The Start Of A Whole Trilogy

God of War

In spite of everything going on in the world right now, this is a pretty sweet time for God of War fans. According to our sources – the same ones who said that Hopper will return in the fourth season of Stranger Things and a new Scream movie is in development – not only is Universal (and Sony, as co-producer) looking to adapt the popular video game franchise into a motion picture, but it might just be the first in a trilogy, as the plan is to have several sequels follow it.

For those unfamiliar with the property, God of War tells the story of Kratos, a mortal who picked a fight with the gods of Ancient Greece in order to avenge his murdered family, and ended up winning. The franchise, which began in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 and was recently rebooted for the PS4, has garnered millions of fans over the course of its existence, many of which are eager to see the god-slayer in action on the big screen.

With the recent successes of Detective Pikachu and the freshly-released Sonic the Hedgehog, it seems video games are finally becoming commercially viable enterprises for big studios. Considering that the genre seemed to be cursed with box office busts for decades, this significant development appears to suggest that a God of War adaptation will only be a matter of time.

God of War

While little is yet known about the project, word’s going round that Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa is being eyed to fill the role of Kratos, while Guardians of the Galaxy lead and former WWE fighter Dave Bautista will join as Momoa’s antagonist, presumably Ares.

Given that Ares was the main baddy of the original God of War, it seems likely that the film trilogy will correspond with the first three games, following Kratos’ journey from a mortal who becomes the new god of war to a fallen idol turning against the gods of Olympus who betrayed him.

Why the studio wouldn’t be cashing in on the popularity around the reboot and its much more easily adaptable story centered around Norse mythology, no one knows. But then again, nothing’s set in stone yet and it’s still early days, so we’ll just have to wait and see how things develop.