Once Upon A Deadpool Has More Than 20 Minutes Of New Footage


When the news was first announced that Deadpool 2 would be re-released in cinemas in a PG-13 cut, the majority of reactions among the fans ranged from baffled to outraged. Still, with all the new footage packed into Once Upon a Deadpool, it’s clear that a good few of those same detractors will be showing up to the theaters regardless.

The latest trailer for the Merc with a Mouth’s next release includes an explanation from the young Julian Dennison of what exactly this new version is and why it was made. After calling out his co-star Ryan Reynolds for making movies that younger fans can’t see in theaters, the Firefist actor informs viewers that the family-friendly cut contains “more than 20 minutes of new footage, new jokes, and mostly importantly, me, the true spirit of Christmas.”

If you’ve been keeping track of the movie’s promotion so far, then you probably have some idea of what to expect from this extra footage. Specifically, it seems that Once Upon a Deadpool will be filtering out the violence and swearing of Deadpool 2 using the framing device of a bedtime story, as Wade Wilson relays a censored version of the film’s events to a kidnapped Fred Savage. This parody of The Princess Bride basically allows the picture to have it both ways, cutting out the R-rated parts so that the kids can watch while also poking fun at the very idea of making a PG-13 Deadpool flick.

As it turns out, the formula at least worked well enough to win over Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, who took to Instagram earlier this week to heap heavy praise on the re-release. With that in mind, Once Upon a Deadpool may win over a few cynics yet when it begins its two-week run in cinemas from December 12th.