Val Kilmer Is Down For Heat And Top Gun Sequels



Have you been clamouring for a Heat sequel? Not really, but then again, everything else has a sequel so why not Heat? Val Kilmer for one thinks it could be pretty cool and he has a unique idea about the direction to take it in.

Kilmer recently took to Larry King’s Hulu show to inform us how he thinks the Heat sequel, if it ever happens, should go.

Here’s my pitch. You remember Natalie Portman in it? She’s Pacino’s adopted daughter, so she comes home and says, ‘Daddy, daddy, I want you to meet my fiancé.’ And it’s me. He’s retired and I come to Chicago where he’s retired back to and I’m going to torture him, and then I’m going to kill him.

Holy hell. First we have some Val Kilmer/Natalia Portman action, then we’ll have some pretty intense violence. Sheesh, Val.

Granted, no one has said that there’s even the chance of a Heat sequel, so Kilmer might just be joking around. It’s certainly not a far-fetched idea, but somehow I’m uncomfortable with the idea of Natalie Portman and Val Kilmer together in that movie. Can’t imagine why.

Kilmer also touches on a far more likely sequel idea, that of reprising his role as Iceman in a sequel to Top Gun. Jerry Bruckheimer himself recently hinted that a Top Gun 2 could very well happen, and Kilmer says that he’d be happy to come back. He also indicates that Tom Cruise and the studio are behind the idea as well, saying, “We’re at a point right now where everybody wants to make it.”

The stumbling block to a Top Gun sequel would of course be the death of Tony Scott, who directed the original. But Kilmer seems to think that they would be able to maintain the spirit of the original, despite losing Scott.  Another problem might be the ages of everyone involved. Cruise is still in remarkable shape, Kilmer not quite so much, but both are getting a bit long in the tooth to play badass fly-boys with a taste for danger.

There are different ways they could go with this, of course, including making Maverick and Iceman into mentor-type figures for a new generation, but … do we really want to see that?

So, Val Kilmer would totally be into a Heat and Top Gun sequel. The question becomes: would anyone else?

You can check out the Hulu clips below, and let us know what you think about Kilmer’s ideas in the comments.