V For Vendetta Dominates The Streaming Charts As The Internet Revisits It

V For Vendetta

People enjoy keeping up with trending entertainment, as it’s a way for us to find underrated films and shows or simply check out what’s popular at the time. That’s why we should all be thankful of all of the different methods that we can use to track these things nowadays – especially if you’ve never seen a particular 2005 R-rated comic book film, which was sitting at #1 on Amazon’s Top 10 Movies list as of yesterday (though it’s now fallen to #12).

The cult classic V for Vendetta has been floating around the chart this week after it originally began trending on Twitter on the 5th due to its famous quote: “Remember, remember the fifth of November.” Many have also noted that the film’s plot, which involves a young girl (Natalie Portman) joining a vigilante (Hugo Weaving) to fight against government corruption and fascism, is rather timely given the United States’ very controversial presidential election and general political divide.

V For Vendetta

Regardless of what reason you may have to give it a watch, however, you can rest assured that it’s a pretty good time to revisit it. As a matter of fact, V for Vendetta sits at 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and is widely considered an exceptionally thoughtful look into some fairly serious subjects even while producing a lot of fun violence and larger than life characters.

Sadly, if you’d like to catch V for Vendetta on Amazon, you’ll have to cough up $3.99 to rent it or $9.99 to purchase a digital copy. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to spend the extra money to see the beloved film. If you can exercise a little patience, it’ll also become available on Netflix again on November 15th following its brief departure from the service’s catalog. Either way, if you’ve never experienced this classic, you clearly have some options available to you for giving it a watch.