Venom 2 Might Be R-Rated Now Due To The Sony/Disney Split


The news that Spider-Man will no longer be in the MCU due to Sony/Disney negotiations breaking down has pretty much destroyed the internet, with Marvel fans fuming that Tom Holland’s wall-crawler will have to be pulled out of the franchise from now on. However, there is a different way of looking at the situation. Without having to appease Disney, Sony’s own Spidey-related movies could have more creative freedom. Case in point: Venom 2 might be R-rated.

This outcome was speculated by Variety’s Justin Kroll, who suggested that Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters could stretch into making films beyond the PG-13 rating now that they don’t have to temper themselves in the hopes of crossing over with the MCU. So, this could mean Andy Serkis’ Venom sequel might be able to let loose in ways that the 2018 Ruben Fleischer flick couldn’t.

Kroll’s theorizing doesn’t appear to be based on insider info, so we shouldn’t take it is as confirmation that Sony’s planning to make Venom 2 R-rated, but it does sound like a plausible result of the split with Disney. Though the first movie was always intended to be PG-13, there’s been a lot of talk of an R-rated cut, so there’s definitely an interest out there for a more mature take on the symbiote.

Another possible silver lining here is that Holland’s Peter Parker will no doubt turn up in a future Venom movie. Maybe they’ll hold him back for Venom 3, which is rumored to adapt “Maximum Carnage,” but you can bet that if they don’t have to worry about fitting into the MCU, then they’ll get Spidey in there somewhere. Both Holland and Tom Hardy have voiced interest in this in the past as well.

Is the increased creative possibilities of the Venom franchise enough to make up for Spider-Man leaving the MCU, though? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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