Venom Star Tom Hardy Wants To Fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man


We’ve witnessed some pretty high profile features grace San Diego Comic-Con with their presence this week, such as IT: Chapter Two, Glass and The Predator – with plenty more to come this weekend, mind you – but Friday evening saw the sinister symbiote contaminate the “largest convention of its kind in the world.” Yes, Sony Pictures brought Venom to their panel and it was awesome.

Having unleashed the first trailer just a few months ago, we certainly didn’t expect the studio to come bearing gifts, but that’s precisely what they did. Unfortunately, the footage shown in Hall H hasn’t made the trek online just yet, but from what we gather from those in attendance, it didn’t disappoint.

In the meantime, while we wait for this new trailer to be made available for public consumption, Tom Hardy, who’ll be portraying the cantankerous Klyntar, participated in the Venom panel alongside co-star Riz Ahmed and director Ruben Fleischer. And in doing so, the Academy Award nominee left himself vulnerable to the question on every fanboy’s mind: would he square off against Tom Holland in a Spider-Man vs. Venom movie?

“Yeah, I’d give it a go,” said Hardy when asked about it. Keep in mind though, all involved have made it abundantly clear that Venom is not an MCU film, and Holland’s web-slinger will not be making an appearance come October 5th (probably). Still, that didn’t stop the actor from having a little fun, which you can watch for yourself below.

Although we won’t be seeing the titular web head go toe-to-toe with Eddie Brock this fall, Holland did recently state that he’d love to see Venom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I mean, it’s not confirmation, but seeing as Fleischer expects Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to join the franchise at some point, and what with Comcast officially out of the bidding war for the rights to intellectual properties owned by 21st Century Fox – leaving The Walt Disney Company as the sole competitor vying for the Rupert Murdoch-founded corporation – anything’s possible, right?

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