Watch: Carnage Stand-In Causes Chaos In Venom 2 Set Video


Venom 2 is currently shooting in San Francisco and fans everywhere cannot wait for their first glimpse of the hugely anticipated sequel. Until that first teaser finally arrives, though, a few videos from behind the scenes have popped up, showing the Marvel villain’s nemesis Carnage doing some real damage.

Plot details on Eddie Brock’s second solo outing still remain scarce, unfortunately, but one thing that we do know for sure is that another famous symbiote will be making his big screen debut, as the post-credits scene from the first film unveiled Brock interviewing a deranged serial killer by the name of Cletus Kasady, who fans know from the comics as the aforementioned Carnage.

Tom Hardy will be returning as Eddie, of course, and will be taking on Kasady’s Carnage, who’ll be played by Woody Harrelson. And given how tense the final moments of Venom were, it’ll no doubt be thrilling to see these two collide when they’re in full symbiote form. Not to mention that from the looks of what’s going down on set, it’s going to be a brutal affair.

Reddit user u/Amazonfiretvstik posted a video – see here, as we can’t embed it – showcasing what appears to be a large stand-in for the sequel’s villain ripping Brock’s car to pieces. The angle we get only shows Carnage, but other videos were also posted showcasing the film’s star.

For instance, another clip appeared on social media from Twitter user @Tom_Hardy_Italia and indicates that if you listen carefully, you can hear someone yell, “you want me to come up and show you a real fight?”

The third video to surface, meanwhile, shows a helpless Brock yelling for Carnage to stop. It’s weird that Eddie doesn’t just turn into Venom and stop the mayhem himself, but we’re sure there’s a reason behind this.

While these glimpses from behind the scenes don’t give us much in terms of story, they do provide a general idea of what Carnage’s physique will look like in the final film. And if nothing else, they’ll just continue to heighten the anticipation for Venom 2, which is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2nd, 2020.