Woody Harrelson Becomes Carnage In Awesome Venom 2 Fan Art


With all of the recent news that followed in the wake of the recently-released Morbius trailer, which sparked all kinds of online debate about whether or not Sony’s Marvel movies will tie into the MCU, how Spider-Man will fit into both cinematic universes and whether or not the studio is already building towards a Sinister Six spinoff, you would be forgiven for not noticing that Venom 2 is set to hit theaters just three months after the Living Vampire makes his big screen debut.

Andy Serkis takes on the highest-profile directorial effort of his career on the upcoming comic book sequel, which has been quietly shooting for over two months now, and so far the production has done an incredible job of keeping set photos under wraps, given how frequently fans are used to seeing images from these kinds of movies hit the internet almost as soon as the cameras start rolling.

Going from filming to release in just eleven months gives Venom 2 an incredibly quick turnaround for a big budget blockbuster, especially with the massive amount of visual effects that will be required to bring the title character to life, and that’s without even mentioning fellow symbiotes Carnage and Shriek, who will be played by Woody Harrelson and Naomie Harris, respectively.

And while we have no idea how close Kletus Kasady’s murderous alter-ego will stick to his original look in the comic books until official images are released, Sony could do a lot worse than this incredible piece of recently-posted fan art, which you can see below:

One of the major criticisms of the first movie was the third-act battle between Tom Hardy’s Venom and Riz Ahmed’s Riot, which descended into an almost-incomprehensible mess of incredibly inconsistent CGI as the two symbiotes duked it out. Given his background as a pioneer of fully-realized performance-captured characters and founder of The Imaginarium, arguably the industry’s pre-eminent mo-cap studio, Serkis will hopefully ensure that Venom 2 doesn’t go down a similar route and devolve into an orgy of sub-standard pixel-bashing.

Source: Instagram