New Batman Set Photos Reveal First Look At Colin Farrell’s Penguin


New year, same ol’ villains, am I right? While my personal demons are related to productivity and self-worth, I fear that The Batman‘s, while maybe similar, are much more sinister and tangible than my internal struggles.

The film is still is over a year away, but shooting has commenced as we saw last week with that cathedral set and now we’ve finally caught a glimpse of one of the bigger bads in Batman’s rogues gallery: the Penguin, as played by Colin Farrell, in what may be the first peek at the character to date.

As The Batman starts filming in London, leaks are sure to happen, and this one comes from a Twitter user who works directly in front of where the blockbuster is currently shooting. He snapped many a shot, capturing Gotham’s police force, news crews and quite possibly a blonde-dyed Farrell sitting menacingly in the wings.

Don’t believe me? Well, just take a gander for yourself:

Yeah, that is definitely, 100% Colin Farrell in full Penguin regalia, sans top hat and monocle, unfortunately. Maybe he’ll find them somewhere in the movie at some point, but at this time, it’s not like we know jack all about the Dark Knight’s next escapade. We just know that the Penguin was almost Jonah Hill, who demanded double the salary that Pattinson’s getting to play Batman.

Farrell, meanwhile, has really come into his own acting-wise as of late, especially in his Yorgos Lanthimos work (The Killing of a Sacred DeerThe Lobster). As such, I’m interested to see his take on the Gentleman Crime Lord of Gotham.

Then again, I personally don’t think anyone is ever going to top Danny DeVito’s disgusting, horny take on the Penguin back in 1992’s Batman Returns, an underrated Christmas film if I do say so myself. His gross commitment to being awful in that movie made it all the more disturbing. This time around, it looks like we’re emphasizing elegance, and considering that Colin isn’t a short chunkster, I think it’s a safe bet that The Batman‘s Penguin won’t be like anything we’ve seen before.

Source: Twitter