First Venom Deleted Scene Has Eddie Brock Unleashing His Inner Demon


On the eve of Venom‘s digital release (Blu-ray and DVD on December 18th), Sony Pictures has unleashed a never-before-seen deleted scene of Eddie Brock unleashing his inner demon.

Coming to us by way of Twitter (h/t CBM), this is by no means the full deleted scene, and has instead been edited so that fans are left wanting that little bit more. Nevertheless, it offers a pretty good look at the sinister symbiote being triggered by a car alarm – much to the amazement of a young kid, who can do nothing but gawk at Venom as the inky-black monster makes short work of the doomed automobile.

Feast thy eyes:

This particular snippet is one of three deleted/extended scenes set to be included on the Venom Blu-ray – the other two concern Eddie and Venom’s ride to the hospital, while the third is said to offer up an extended version of the post-credits scene at San Quentin. Could that mean that we’ll get a better look at Woody Harrelson’s Carnage? Who knows?

What we do know, however, is that a Venom sequel is nigh on certain, after Sony’s budding franchise-starter blew past all expectations on its journey to $850M worldwide. To put that eye-watering cume into perspective, that’s higher than Wonder Woman and both Deadpool movies, proving that, while critics came down hard on the standalone adventure, there was still a big, big appetite for the sinister symbiote.

Exactly where things go from here is another question entirely, but we understand Sony’s Marvel Universe is working towards new spinoff projects for Kraven, Silk, Silver and Black, and Morbius, the latter of which will star Jared Leto as the undead anti-hero. Color us intrigued.