Venom Passes $500 Million Worldwide, Sequel Announcement Likely Imminent


For a film that was absolutely blasted by critics before it hit theaters, Venom‘s doing more than alright for itself at the box office.

The first entry into Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (yes, that’s what the franchise is called) toppled Bradley Cooper’s critical darling A Star Is Born with a record-breaking opening and it continues to perform well. In fact, it now sits at a wildly impressive $508 million worldwide. Broken down, that’d be $187.2 million on home turf and $321.1 million from across the pond.

Of course, with those kind of numbers, a sequel announcement seems all but inevitable at this point. As we said above, the film was the first outing for Sony’s new cinematic universe and with spinoffs planned for other Spidey-related characters like Morbius, Silk and Silver Sable and Black Cat, it’s clear that the studio has lots in store for us.

As for where Eddie Brock could go next, well, the post-credits scene for Venom set Carnage up as the next major antagonist, and though some may think that means a Venom 2 might go the R-rated route, it doesn’t seem like that’d be the case. The film’s producer confirmed not too long ago that a PG-13 will accompany the sequel, which may disappoint some but as we’ve seen with Venom, it ultimately leads to better results at the box office.

In any case, it’s still early days for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, but it’s clearly off to a strong start and with Venom now over $500 million worldwide, you can bet that the studio will be moving full steam ahead with all of their other projects. And as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know, so stay tuned.

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