Sony Trolls The Internet About Peter Parker’s Rumored Venom Cameo


It’s going on 24 hours since Venom was unleashed, and it’s fair to say that the Internet is still reeling.

Not reeling from excitement, mind you, but a strange mix of confusion and disappointment. In case you missed it, the above teaser trailer proved to be a decidedly generic preview of Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff, which chose to keep its titular symbiote under lock and key.

That’s right, the first Venom teaser was oddly venom-less, and it’s already attracted a mixed reaction online – Deadpool‘s Rob Liefeld was particularly harsh (“it sucked!”), while a group of fans have taken it upon themselves to organize a full-blown boycott. Yikes.

It’s an admittedly melodramatic reaction to what is essentially a teaser, but the disappointment is there for all to see – including Sony, whose Twitter account (via Heroic Hollywood) recently trolled one curious fan about the possibility of a Peter Parker cameo. Truth be told, it’s the one Venom rumor that refuses to go away, as it would determine whether or not Ruben Fleischer’s spinoff is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once and for all.

The rumor mill continues to operate at full tilt, then. And below, you’ll see that Sony is only adding fuel to the fire:

Cheeky. Granted, it looks to have been nothing more than innocent fun, but it does raise the million-dollar question: Have Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios brokered a new deal that would allow Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to cross over into Venom? He is a New Yorker, after all, so it would certainly make sense if the studios decided to buck tradition and allow each character to inhabit the same universe.

We’ll find out for sure once Venom makes a beeline for theaters on October 5th.

Source: Twitter