Venom Will Reportedly Be In Love With [SPOILERS] In Let There Be Carnage

venom Tom Hardy

It may have made over $850 million at the box office, but it would be fair to say that most people were in agreement that Venom wasn’t exactly a great movie. It almost felt like a relic from a different time, with the story, script and even visual effects often giving off vibes more reminiscent of an early-2000s superhero blockbuster rather than something that was released in the same year as Black Panther and The Incredibles 2.

One thing we can all agree on though is that Venom would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for Tom Hardy, who gave a typically committed performance as the increasingly frazzled Eddie Brock. The confirmation that the recently-delayed sequel’s subtitle is going to be Let There Be Carnage makes it seem like Sony are going to lean further into the silliness this time around as well, especially if Woody Harrelson’s overacting in his brief post-credits cameo is a sign of things to come.

While there isn’t much information available in terms of plot specifics yet, we’ve nonetheless heard that the follow-up looks set to fully embrace the bizarre. According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us the Snyder Cut of Justice League would be heading to HBO Max and Han is returning in Fast & Furious 9, both of which were correct – the Venom symbiote is set to fall madly in love with its host in Let There Be Carnage, which will reportedly result in some serious attempts at alien-on-human romance.

Of course, this direction has been hinted at before after Eddie Brock shared a kiss with his girlfriend while she was under possession of the symbiote in the first movie, and in their shared comic book history, Eddie and Venom have always had a relationship that runs the typical spectrum of emotions you’d expect from any longtime couple including passion, rage, jealousy and everything in between. So, in a way, it would make perfect sense that the extra-terrestrial entity would be keen to try and strengthen their bond on a deeper level as one of Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s major story threads.