‘Venom’ Twitter account is taking requests to roast fans

tom hardy venom let there be carnage

The bickering odd couple at the center of Sony’s Venom franchise has proven so popular that the studio even leaned into the obvious undertones by celebrating the home video of release of Let There Be Carnage with a brand new trailer, one that reinvented the comic book sequel as a festive rom-com.

For the most part, Eddie Brock’s symbiotic alter ego tends to aim the majority of his barbs in the direction of his human host, although several of the supporting characters also end up on the receiving end of a verbal barrage from the sharp-tongued intergalactic parasite.

Taking things in a different direction, the official Venom Twitter account has been accepting requests from fans to roast them for no other reason than the fun of it, and based on some of the responses, they’re getting exactly what they asked for.

Some folks are just gluttons for punishment, and being openly mocked by the online avatar of an iconic antihero is one way of getting the job done. Let There Be Carnage is now available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray, so Sony will be hoping that whoever runs the account doesn’t take things too far and scare off any potential customers, even if that would be perfectly in keeping with Venom‘s style.