Watch: New Video Reveals The Scariest Content Available On Disney Plus


It’s a relatively contained secret that beneath the magic and the pixie dust, Disney has produced a whole lot of freaky stuff. And now that the House of Mouse has officially launched its expansive streaming site, Disney Plus, a large collection of that spooky material is available to cower over wherever and whenever you want!

Of course, this isn’t to say that there are blood fests on there – the company couldn’t even summon up the courage to include the R-rated Deadpool and Logan films – but rather point out that some of the studio’s most iconic features incorporate incredibly frightening scenes.

While the Mouse House has evidently filtered some of its more controversial content for Disney Plus – though they seem to have completely missed Dumbo‘s iconically problematic crows – Bloody Disgusting was still able to conjure up a video of some of the freakiest stuff to explore on the streaming service. Be sure to check it out at the top of the article.

Essentially, the video delves into what we already discussed here: films that aren’t necessarily scary in their nature or their story, but that incorporate unsettling themes or sequences that are surprisingly daft for younger audiences.

Included in the 6-minute breakdown are animated classics such as PinocchioFantasia, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Black Cauldron; live-action pieces including The Haunted Mansion, The Black Hole and Hocus Pocus (which will be given an exclusive, Disney Plus sequel); Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. franchise, as well as its upcoming exclusive sequel, Monsters at Work.

But as Bloody Disgusting’s Whitney Moore points out, it’s the Disney Channel’s original series and films where “the true gold mine” is: So WeirdGargoylesHalloweentownDon’t Look Under the Bed and The Scream Team.

So, with all of that knowledge, tell us, Mouseketeers, which creepy content are you going to check out on Disney Plus first? Be sure to share your watchlist in the comments section down below!