Video Game Success Awards Tomb Raider A Movie Reboot

In the wake of Crystal Dynamic’s reinterpretation of the Tomb Raider video game, MGM have partnered with GK Films to capitalise on the existing hype and give the property a cinematic overhaul. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pitch is to establish a new franchise of films based on the existing source material, which has recently reaffirmed its place in the video game milieu.

This isn’t the first time the title has been given a Hollywood makeover, mind you. In 2001 and 2003, Paramount introduced Lara Craft to moviegoers with Angelina Jolie playing the globe-trotting archaeologist. However, the pair of adaptations didn’t turn out exactly as planned, even though they garnered a so-so $430 million worldwide between them. The films were unanimously panned by critics and Tomb Raider fans alike, and so Lara Croft humbly retreated back to the video game medium.

At least, until now. With the new game, simply rebranded as Tomb Raider, selling over 3 million copies since its launch on March 5th, MGM will hope to keep the demand for Lara Croft’s adventures burning brightly. The untitled project has gone into production already but there’s still no word on casting at this time. Despite the lack of information, fans of the long-running series can feel confident with the reboot’s producer Graham King films. After all, their previous work includes the likes of Argo and The Departed, so let’s hope they offer MGM some creative guidance when it comes to handling an adapted story.

Since her inception in 1996, Lara Croft has become a cornerstone for the video game industry. Though the Uncharted Series has tried to wrestle for the adventure genre limelight recently, Crystal Dynamic’s gritty visualisation has firmly reinstated Tomb Raider’s place at the heart of the gaming sphere.

The movie reboot of Lara Croft is still without any directorial guidance, but that won’t stop the rumour mill spinning into action. If you had to pick an actress to play as the brave adventurer in the Tomb Raider reboot, who would it be? Though Jennifer Lawrence seems like a likely candidate, right? Let us know below!