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Image via Warner Bros.

The Batman has received a brand new poster for its release in China, more than a week ahead of the country’s premiere of the film on March 18.

The new official poster features all the main players of the film, including Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman, and Paul Dano’s terrifying Riddler. True to the spirit of the film, the image features a rain-soaked and dark Gotham as the backdrop.

The Batman arrived in the United States on March 4, raking in an impressive box office haul of $128.5 million for its opening weekend, domestically. That made it the second-highest pandemic-era box office opening weekend behind Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Globally, The Batman snagged $248.5 million.

Matt Reeves’ take on the caped crusader breaking into the Chinese market represents a return of Hollywood releasing films in that country for the first time since before the pandemic. Before then, neither Marvel nor DC released their tent pole franchise films in the entirety of 2021, not even for the heavy-hitter No Way Home, which nevertheless was able to generate an impressive $1.8 billion globally.

Despite a pitch dark tone that borders on a horror movie at times, the film’s ultimate PG-13 rating likely contributed to China’s National Radio and Television Administration approving it for release. That’s a sharp contrast to previous DC film, 2019’s Joker, whose R-rating caused it to not get approved for release in China.

All that being said, we will see what kind of censorship, if any, takes place for The Batman‘s China release.

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