The Internet Is Loving Netflix’s New Comedy Movie

Coffee & Kareem

I’m almost certain that the creators of Coffee & Kareem started with the title and then worked out a movie that’d fit it. The Netflix original comedy launched yesterday, showing the adventures of police officer James Coffee and 12-year-old boy Kareem Manning. They hate each other’s guts, but for some totally uncontrived reason end up working together to battle some kind of criminal network. They’re the classic odd couple.

Despite some mixed reviews, Coffee & Kareem seems to be going down a storm with viewers, with many folks finding it to be hilarious. And here’s just a selection of what’s being said on social media:

Coffee & Kareem

But it’s not all praise. Some (and it seems you can include most movie critics in this) see Coffee & Kareem as the cinematic equivalent of cyanide.

That last one, in particular, rubs me up the wrong way with its snooty dismissal of “the streaming masses.” Read the room guys, there’a an extremely depressing pandemic going on and thousands of people across the world are dying every day. Can you blame folks stuck indoors for wanting to escape that by watching a pretty ridiculous sounding comedy about a mismatched cop/kid pairing?

Besides, it’s those “masses” that fund the low audience artsy-fartsy stuff that Netflix also releases. I’m not going to sit here and claim that Coffee & Kareem is some kind of classic, even in the “dumb comedies” genre, but I don’t want to live in a world where low-paid comedy writers can’t pay their rent by putting two nouns together, pretending they’re realistic surnames and spinning a quick n’ dirty Netflix original out of it.

Let’s hope Coffee & Kareem does well, because who’s to say there shouldn’t be a sequel? And, if a Netflix commissioning editor happens to be reading this, I suggest John Coffee and Kareem Manning get paired with a Great Dane called Sugar for their next adventure. You can put my cheque in the post.