New Villain Revealed For The Avengers

Latino Review is confirming what we all expected, there will be another big villain in The Avengers, aside from Loki. Now if you haven’t seen Thor yet you may want to skip this article, as it may contain spoilers. The Avengers is currently in production and as far as we knew, the only villain would be Loki, who manages to somehow survive his demise at the end of Thor, as confirmed by the post-credit scene.

But for those comic book fans out there, you may have picked up on an easter egg in Thor that flew under most people’s radars. Furthermore, this easter egg reveals that another villain may be seen in The Avengers and it will be none other than Thanos! How did we manage to get to Thanos? Well as Latino Review points out, the Infinity Gauntlet (pictured below) was on display at Comic Con last year but more importantly, it was seen in Odin’s Vault in Thor.

Now the Gauntlet is Thanos’ glove which he put together himself in hopes of having it assist him in controlling the universe. Considering we see it in Thor already assembled, it’s safe to assume that he’s already put it together and perhaps Odin stopped him and was able to take the Gauntlet storing it safely in his vault.

It all seems quite plausible and Marvel wouldn’t just put the Gauntlet there for no reason. They’ve planned up to five years out and have a lot more superhero films coming. Everything they do is for a reason and the connections you see between the movies will eventually come into play. Don’t think it will end with The Avengers, it’s only just getting started.

The whole thing is getting a bit complex and intricate, especially for non-comic book fans, and personally, I’m already starting to have a tough time wrapping my hear around all the connections between the different universes and superheroes. Hopefully The Avengers won’t be too complex, although with all those characters, I don’t see how it can be anything but.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.