Vin Diesel Writing The Last Witch Hunter 2 Script While In Quarantine

The Last Witch Hunter

Given that he’s built most of his career on starring in franchises, it hardly comes as a surprise that Vin Diesel would be interested in reprising another role from his back catalogue. Bloodshot may yet see him booted out of the proposed Valiant Cinematic Universe after the movie stumbled out of the blocks, but that won’t stop the noted tank top enthusiast from attempting to cement himself as the star of yet another multi-film series.

As if starring roles in the Fast and Furious, XXX, Riddick, Guardians of the Galaxy and even the developing Avatar series wasn’t enough, Diesel also recently confirmed that a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter was in the works, even though the initial installment wasn’t exactly enthusiastically received by critics, and failed to make much of an impact at the box office after not even cracking $150 million globally.

However, according to the man himself, a Last Witch Hunter sequel is something that Diesel’s fans are constantly asking him about, even though it appears a lot of them didn’t bother heading out to see it at their local theater the first time around. In a recent social media post though, the 52 year-old once again teased that further adventures for Kaulder are on the cards, hinting that he’s writing the script while in quarantine.

Vin Diesel Witch Hunter

While he’s right, and there’s no doubt that a lot of both established and aspiring writers are using their Coronavirus-mandated free time to come up with brilliant ideas for movies, hinting that a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter is going to be one of them seems like a bit of a stretch.

Hopefully Diesel decides to bring in some fresh blood this time around, because with co-writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless also responsible for Dracula Untold, Gods of Egypt and the Power Rangers reboot, the duo don’t have a great track record when it comes to launching franchises, or even decent movies.