Bloodshot Reportedly Being Rebooted, Vin Diesel May Be Recast


Well, that was fast. One week after Bloodshot bombed at the box office, sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Jim Carrey is returning as the Mask in Space Jam 2 and that Transformers is being rebooted, both of which we now know to be true – say Paramount is looking to reboot the character as they plan on buying the rights back from Sony. Apparently, their plan is to make a Valiant cinematic universe with the other properties they own, including Harbinger, Faith, X-O Manowar, etc.

From what we’ve heard, Vin Diesel wants to return to reprise the role, but the studio is looking to start fresh with a younger actor. No final decision has been made just yet, but either way, it’ll be a soft reboot so that they can fit it into their cinematic universe, which is now taking shape behind the scenes. No word on when the reboot would land in theaters, but it’s obviously a ways off and we’re told solo films for some of the other Valiant characters would come first.

Unfortunately, despite a decent-looking trailer, Bloodshot was DOA, with critics panning it and audiences mostly avoiding the pic. It also didn’t help that a worldwide pandemic is currently wreaking havoc everywhere, including movie theaters. The project was modestly budgeted at $42 million, but it won’t make that back after earning less than $10 million in its opening weekend. In fact, in an effort to turn any kind of profit, Sony is now releasing the film digitally on March 24th due to theater closures.


Of course, Paramount is a studio desperate for a new franchise. The only viable IP they have currently is Mission: Impossible. You could also throw in A Quiet Place, but the sequel’s delay puts its profitability into question. Transformers is kind of fading from the public conscience, too, so they need something to reinvigorate their summer slate. Personally, I’ve been asking for a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover for years, but they won’t listen.

The irony is that Paramount actually had a valuable franchise. Two, in fact. They owned both Iron Man and Captain America but they eventually sold the rights to Disney, who created Marvel Studios as a result. Oops.

Bloodshot is based on a comic book though, so Paramount obviously thinks there might be something there. And in the end, it could just have been bad timing with the coronavirus. Even if the movie stinks, it could’ve still made money off of Diesel’s name recognition. Maybe it will once it hits digital next week?