Vin Diesel declined a cameo in Foo Fighters horror movie ‘Studio 666’

Fast & Furious

The Foo Fighters’ horror movie Studio 666 is set to release next Friday, and while the band endures as one of the biggest names in rock with plenty of A-list connections, they couldn’t convince a Vin Diesel to show up for a cameo appearance.

Speaking to Empire, Dave Grohl dropped the bombshell when he was explaining how he managed to convince a raft of famous faces to swing by for guest spots in the supernatural horror comedy, a list that includes Lionel Richie and the fast-rising Jenna Ortega.

However, the patriarch of the Fast & Furious family flat-out refused, even though he lived close to where Studio 666 was being filmed.

“We fucking asked Vin Diesel to be in the movie. We were like, ‘oh my god, ten million people will go see this film,’ and he said no.”

Maybe Diesel was too busy planning the next Fast & Furious blockbuster, or perhaps he just didn’t want to lend his gravelly tones to an offbeat genre film starring the Foo Fighters. Either way, Studio 666 looks to have more than enough to compensate for the absence of cinema’s foremost tank top enthusiast if the reactions to the trailer are anything to go by.