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Vin Diesel Getting Emotional Ahead Of Fast & Furious 10

Vin Diesel admits that he's starting to get a little emotional as he gears up for production on Fast & Furious 10.

Fast and Furious 9

The ninth installment hasn’t even finished its theatrical run and hit VOD or home video yet, but the cast and crew are already looking ahead to Fast & Furious 10. The penultimate chapter in the franchise has already been awarded an April 2023 release date, and with Tyrese Gibson claiming that it’ll shoot back-to-back with the eleventh installment, production should realistically be starting fairly soon.

After the last outing finally sent the gang into outer space, it’s hard to imagine what the hell director Justin Lin could possibly have up his sleeve to raise the bar even further, but he’ll no doubt pull something suitably ridiculous out of the bag. The laws of physics, gravity, logic and common sense have long since become alien to The Fast Saga, and audiences love the series even more because of it.

Vin Diesel has dedicated over 20 years of his life to Dominic Toretto, so he’ll obviously be feeling the weight of bringing such a sprawling story to a close, one that’s earned billions of dollars at the box office and genuinely turned the tight-knit group into a family off-screen. In typically understated fashion, the tank top enthusiast ruminated while sharing a picture of FX shaved into the side of his son’s head, which you can see below.

We’re still crossing our fingers for Fast 10 Your Seat Belts, but FX would continue the nonsensical tradition of how these movies are named by the marketing department, and even carry on the theme established in F9. Then again, maybe Vin Jr.’s head simply wasn’t big enough to have the barber etch Fast & Furious 10 into his scalp.

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