Vin Diesel Is Officially 2017’s Highest Grossing Actor


Vin Diesel must be smiling tonight, as he’s just been crowned the king of the box office for 2017 after his films cumulatively took in $1.6 billion this year. Most of the money comes courtesy of the insanely successful Fate of the Furious, which made an eye-watering $1.23 billion worldwide. His personal total was only increased by XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, which itself grossed $346.1 million. Interestingly, though, the $1.6 billion doesn’t take into account Diesel’s excellent voice work in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If it had, that film’s $863 million box office haul would have put him light years beyond his competitors.

As it stands then, he has his Fate of the Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson nipping at his heels, with a ‘mere’ $1.5 billion, again mostly courtesy of that aforementioned pic, together with the disappointing Baywatch and the just-released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. 

In third place, meanwhile, is Gal Gadot, combining her efforts for the wildly successful Wonder Woman and the underperforming Justice League

The rest of the top ten is largely how you’d expect: Emma Watson takes fourth, primarily for Beauty and the Beast, with top ten grosser stalwart Johnny Depp in fifth for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Murder on the Orient Express. As for the remainder of the names, you can probably guess them if you’ve been paying attention to cinema this year.

For starters, you’re all but guaranteed a spot if you turn up in a Marvel Studios film, as Tom Holland, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth prove, and Daisy Ridley and John Boyega both got a slice of that Last Jedi pie which helped them grab places of their own.

For the full top 10, see below, courtesy of Forbes:

  1. Vin Diesel ($1.6 billion)
  2. Dwayne Johnson ($1.5 billion)
  3. Gal Gadot ($1.4 billion}
  4. Emma Watson ($1.3 billion)
  5. Johnny Depp ($1.1 billion)
  6. Daisy Ridley ($1.08 billion)
  7. Tom Holland ($888 million)
  8. Chris Pratt ($864 million)
  9. Chris Hemsworth ($845 million}
  10. John Boyega ($815 million)