Vin Diesel Says Paul Walker’s Daughter Could Join Fast & Furious

Paul Walker

It may have slipped right past without you even noticing, but one of the most subtle recurring themes in the Fast & Furious franchise is the importance of family. Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto is apparently contractually obligated to remind the other characters of this fact on at least a dozen occasions per film, but the close bond between the cast and crew extends well beyond the borders of the silver screen.

Following the death of Paul Walker, his brothers Cody and Caleb were brought in to act as body doubles for the seventh installment, with a combination of their similar features and CGI integrating Brian O’Conner into the finished film for what was a hugely emotional climax to a mega budget action blockbuster.

Diesel and Walker had been friends for well over a decade at the time of his passing, to the extent that the latter’s daughter Meadow has often referred to the chrome-domed action star as her Uncle Vin, and the franchise’s leading man named his daughter Paulina in tribute to his on and offscreen brother. In a new interview, the 53 year-old was asked about Meadow Walker potentially following in the footsteps of her father and two uncles by getting involved in The Fast Saga, and he definitely didn’t rule it out.

“I would not count anything out. Let me just, without giving you all of the secrets of Fast 10. Let’s just say, nothing’s ruled out.”

22 year-old Meadow is a model by trade, but Fast & Furious has regularly cast non-actors in minor roles, while Diesel tasked his own son to portray a 10 year-old Dom in the upcoming ninth entry, so it’s hardly as if the series is opposed to the idea of keeping it in the family. Getting to ten movies was a promise made from the Riddick star to Paul Walker as well, so it would be fitting if his daughter played even a small part.